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Top 10 tips from Fans:

Top 10 awesome Tips from our Fans!

  1. A couple tips:
    - Stick 20 Euros under the insole in your shoe. You never know when you'll need.  
    - Safety pins work wonders for a little extra security when your pacsafe isn't ideal. Pinning a change purse to the inside of your bag not only means it's easy to find, but also less likely to fall out / get nicked
    - If you can stand the sound, adhesive Velcro can be added to a variety of  openings making it hard for anyone to sneak into pockets without the obnoxious velco ripping sound. 
    - Use common sense, trust your gut instincts and have fun. :) 
    Submitted by: Gussy Dee
  2. If you carry an eReader or other device, it's a good idea to email all of your travel documents and plans to yourself as a PDF.  If you also send your itinerary and other travel research, you have easy-to-access travel plans that can be indexed.  Simply by emailing several uniquely named PDFs to your eReader and loading them onto your device before you leave home will allow you to quickly search for the information using key words when needed.  Much easier than a travel book (which screams tourist) or printing everything out.  If you prefer to print things out, you'll have a back-up in case of loss.  (Of course you can lower your risk of loss by carrying that eReader in a  Pacsafe product!)
    Submitted by: Kristy McCoy
  3. Always split up your cash. Don't carry it all together - some in the wallet, some in your Pacsafe bag, some in your luggage, maybe in your boots/shoes.
    Submitted by: Elizabeth Ward Langston
  4. A Pacsafe Travelsafe lets you focus on criteria about a hostel that you care about (good atmosphere, location, breakfasts, hot water, Wifi) without poor or nonexistent lockers being a deal breaker. You have more freedom to stay where you want, but you can still explore a place without carrying around your computer and other important stuff knowing it's securely locked up in your Travelsafe!
    Submitted by: Lindsay Rankin
  5. Bring your camera equipped mobile phone with you as a back up for your regular camera. It's better to have not so good quality photos than have none at all when your camera battery runs out.
    Submitted by: Mateo Dacanay III
  6. Do your research or don't be shy to ask your guide/locals about how much basic things costs such as transportation, food, water and souvenirs. It's great that you're contributing to the local economy but nothing ruins a great vacation like knowing that you're being ripped off!
    Submitted by: Mateo Dacanay III
  7. If you must carry a bag, never hang it on the back of your chair or freely on your lap while sitting.  Instead, slip a leg through one of the straps and then place onto lap.  Also, keep your passport and cards on your body, not in the bag!
    Submitted by: Christine Nguyen
  8. Always bring a stowable bag rain cover and a waterproof mobile phone case (i.e. Aquapac - 100% waterproof protection) for those sudden downpours. Would come in handy to save your bag's contents from getting drenched.
    Submitted by: Andrea Perkins
  9. Learning how to effectively travel with cabin luggage only, it can be particularly difficult at first but the joy of walking straight out of the airport whilst others are hanging around for their checked baggage is liberating.
    Submitted by: carryonluggagesize.com.au
  10. Always dress in layers. Then when you are hot you have a light jacket to shed and you can fold it into your Pacsafe bag to carry around or just tie it the handle with the sleeves.
    Submitted by: Tippi Sladaritz

Hope these tips help you out for your travels during 2014!

2013 Holiday Tips

5 tips to keep your stuff safe over the crazy holidays!

It’s stressful enough having to worry about losing your luggage in the airport during the crazy holiday travel season, but how about losing your luggage to TSA theft? Airport robberies are on the rise, exacerbated by the very ones we trust to handle our luggage with care–airport employees. Here are 5  tips to keep your stuff safe.

Two Words: Carry On
Checking in luggage is already a slight burden due to elevated charges and now worrying about theft only adds to it. While packing your bags, focus on packing to carry on and not check in. Keeping your belongings with you at all times is the best way to also keep it safe.

Be Wary of Electronics
It’s the norm to travel with tablets and laptops nowadays, and guess what people–those are the most targeted items of TSA theft. If you must check in, don’t pack them. Opt to carry on electronics to ensure safekeeping.

Outsmart Thieves with a Smart Zipper
There is good news- the technology to fight back against theft is out there, you just need to do a little research. Invest in a travel bag with smart zipper technology to frustrate meddling fingers. Pacsafe’s Metrosafe 300 Anti Theft Laptop Bag is a quality option with the Smart zipper to keep your laptop guarded.

Lock and Load with ToughZip
To catch a crook you must think like one. That’s where ToughZip technology comes in. Sure, you may have a master lock securing that bag enclosure, but all it takes is a little bit of poking and prodding with a simple pen to the zipper and it’s free pickings. Check out Pacsafe’s Toursafe 29 Luggage, which utilizes ToughZip technology.

Don’t Forget to Protect Your Identity
This is a big one you don’t want to overlook. With the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it can be easy to let personal information slip into the wrong hands. Put your worries to rest with Pacsafe’s RFIDsafe 50 RFID Blocking wallet. This state of the art pouch uses special material to block out dangerous transmissions that thieves use to access your info. Perfect for those passports and credit cards!

5 Tips to Survive Thanksgiving Travel

Nov Smart Tip icon

Thanksgiving is coming up and you know what that means- crazy traveling, crazier relatives, Black Friday, bingeing on delicious food and good times with family and friends. Now, you just need to survive it all. Here are 5 tips to master the Thanksgiving holidays stress-free.

Be the Early Bird
Start planning that trip back home or wherever you may be going and start as early as possible. If you know you’re flying, the earlier you book flights the cheaper it will be.

Cementing a plan in stone now on what routes you will take, what you need to bring, how much time off work you need and the type of transportation you’ll take will be less to worry about when the holidays roll around.

Pack Light
So you’re going home- there’s always that lurking fear of who you will see from high school or the family members you haven't seen in years waiting to scrutinize how much weight you'e put on over the years. Sometimes, thoughts like these can cause one to become overwhelmed and pack way too much “just in case.” Don’t do it….plan out each day outfit by outfit, and depending on specific articles of clothing, only bring one or two of each, such as with pants, jackets and shoes. Just don’t pack light on the undies or socks.

Plan Your Days
Get online and do your research when it comes to the busiest days of holiday travel. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving Thursday and the following Saturday and Sunday will be busy. Try to fly out early in the week on Monday or Tuesday to avoid the rush and fly out on Friday while everyone is knee deep in Black Friday shopping.

Road Master
Forget flying, you’re taking to the streets this Thanksgiving! Driving definitely has it perks when it comes to saving money and time, but as always- know what you’re in for. Plan your route ahead of time and try to avoid highways, where heightened holiday traffic will ruin your day. Also, make sure you are driving responsibly as police patrol the highways with ticket book in hand during the holiday season. Make sure your car is in tip top shape before setting off, and check weather updates to prepare for any nasty conditions.

Dun, dun, dun.....Black Friday
For all you dedicated Black Friday shoppers out there, you definitely can’t go into all that merchandise chaos blindly. Plan your transportation accordingly, as traffic and parking can present issues. Avoid impulse buys and scope out your targeted stores first. Research various malls and shopping centers that will have the majority of stores you’re looking for. Wear athletic clothing and sneakers good for sprinting to displays or hurdling over fallen shoppers…just kidding...but do dress comfortably!

Want to avoid the craziness? Stay in bed and shop online for great Black Friday deal!

Halloween Tip

halloween smart tip

5 Tips for Keeping your Stuff Safe at School!

5 Tips for Keeping your Stuff Safe at School!

It’s important to feel safe in school, but safety starts with you and the decisions you make. Trust isn’t something to take lightly, especially when you spend a great deal of time on campus or in the dorms where distractions of friends, studying and activities leaves little time to worry about possessions. Don’t be a fool- here are 5 tips for keeping your stuff safe in school.

Communication is Key

Scratch the "cool, mysterious" hermit route. Keep in touch with friends and family on the regular, and make sure they have an idea of your class schedule. If an emergency occurs, it’s important that someone has an idea of how to find you.

Don’t Chance it- Lock it up

Do not EVER second guess locking up belongs, or locking your dorm room door when you leave- even if its just to grab laundry. This is such a common way have valuables stolen, and I hate to say it, but sometimes you can’t even trust your roommate. Invest in a quality safe such as the Travelsafe Portable Safe for stress free storage.

Be Smart in Public

Whether leaving the study room in the library for a minuscule minute or running to the loo in the cafeteria, leaving your belongings behind is not a good idea, even if you are coming right back. A second is all it takes to lose a pricey laptop- take it with you or check out Pacsafe’s Ultimatesafe 22L and 32L backpack. Both come with a removable 360 eXomesh cage that can be chained up to a fixture to keep your goodies safe when you step out.

Classic Buddy System

You can’t go wrong. Walk those long distances across campus to catch your night class with a buddy. Talk to people in your classes and feel them out to see which routes they take. Discuss that sweet study abroad trip while walking back to the dorms. You’re not only being smart, but making new friends!

Don’t Get Flashy

Use common sense people! Cool tablet- now stuff it in your bag! Carrying around expensive electronics on a daily basis has become the norm in today’s society. Keep them out of sight, or else you could become a target for theft. Girls- check out Pacsafe’s durable and stylish Citysafe 200 GII handbag to hold your Ipad/tablet or Macbook. Guys- the Metrosafe 275 GII will offer prime protection for your favorite electronics.

Summer Vacationing - Italy

7 Tips for a Budget Trip to Italy:

So you are heading off to Italy- one of the most beautiful countries in the world, with picturesque countryside, unparalleled architecture and art, not to mention the food! But alas, it is also one of the most visited and unfortunately, things can get a little bit pricey. Get off the beaten path and indulge with 7 helpful tips to keep it on a budget.

Gettin' Around Town
Let me break it down for you: ride the train, bus or walk to get the bang for your buck. The rail system is a quick trip, it covers a lot more ground and it’s affordable for long distance travel. Buses are cheap and efficient and you will get a scenic trip from town to town. Also, always do your research before hand for deals and discounts and book ahead of time.

italy banner

Best Beds Money Can Buy
Unless you’ve got the moola to book a pricey hotel, ditch that idea quick. Try an agriturismo, where for 30-50 euros you can get a unique feel for life in Italy. Bunk up in a beautiful farmhouse with breathtaking countryside views and enjoy home cooked meals.
Really keeping that budget on a tight leash? We all know about hostels- expect to pay anywhere from 20 to 40 euros per person. For super cheap status, one word: couch surfing.

Become a Sight Seeing Champ
Think outside the box and get creative! You don’t need to book expensive tours, just get lost in the city, country, wherever you want to be! Another tip- doesn’t spend all your time in the most popular, tourist-laden cities. Explore lesser-known towns where accommodation and food will be cheaper, and the crowds will be at a minimum.

Get started:
Cinque Terre

More Sightseeing Tips
Bring your I.D. everywhere- you never know what discounts are available. Churches are as ancient and beautiful as any ruin or museum exhibit and are usually FREE to visit. Don't forget to walk as much as you can! It’s not only free, but it’s good for you!

Eat as the Italians Do
Overpaying for something as minute as a cup of coffee is annoying as hell. Stay away from eateries situated in the midst of high traffic touristy locations because unfortunately, some may prey upon the naive.

• Dine standing up because once you sit, the price may double with “sit down fees”.
• Look for menus behind the counter: “Banco” menu is for standing prices while “Tavolo” lists sitting prices.
• Ask for your bill to be itemized to avoid a random (jacked up) total price.
• Restaurants charge for bread and won’t tell you- Just send it back!
• Last but not least, buying a bottle of wine is way cheaper than drinking at the bar- not to mention, the wine quality can't be beat.

When to Go
Peak tourist season runs from late May-July. Accommodation rates are lower in the “shoulder seasons” in spring and fall, but winter is the most affordable time to travel in Italy, with the exception of Christmas. April-June and September-October for is best for climate, but if you don’t mind the heat, August is your best bet with generally lower prices and less crowded sights.

Don't Lose Your Stuff!
Outsmart pickpockets with a Pacsafe® Coversafe™ 125 belt wallet that can hold important documents such as your passport, and make plenty of copies. It’s also a good idea to bring your own padlock just in case you decide to leave items in your temporary abode. Also, invest in a hardy Pacsafe® Ultimatesafe™ 32L backpack made for safe travel and don’t focus on bringing heaps of clothing. Carry along a small bag of powdered detergent for washing.

Outdoor tips for Dad

5 Tips for an Outdoorsy Father’s Day

Fathers are often our outdoor initiators; they take us hunting, fishing, skiing, and teach us how to make a campfire. Many people’s fondest memories as kids often come from doing things with dads, which is he would love nothing more than to spend this Father’s Day on an outdoor adventure with you. As such, and in honor of awesome, outdoor dads everywhere, here are a few tips for making this Dad’s Day extra special.

Road Trip
Classic Rock blaring (or whatever music it is that your dad enjoys), windows rolled down, and an ancient map of the states in hand. Pick your destinations together and take a roadtrip this Father’s Day weekend. Camp and hike along the way. The beauty of roadtrips is that they don’t take a lot of planning. Just get in the car and go. How to Make it Extra Special: Take your Dad somewhere that he took you as a child. Let him know how much this particular spot meant to you and reminisce together.

Go abroad
Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure your home country is great but other countries are just as awesome. Take Dad for a weekend stay in Canada, South America, Mexico, Europe or wherever is within reason. Wanna get even further away from the norm? Go abroad for international rock-climbing, deep-sea fishing, or backpacking. It’ll be an adventure the two of you will never ever forget. But while doing so, make sure people don’t mess with your stuff, particularly on the way to your destination. Start by buying your Dad an RFIDexecutive™ 75 RFID blocking passport wallet or even some Toursafe™ luggage. With ToughZip™ zippers and eXomesh exterior, thieves in the airport can kiss their luck goodbye to ruining your getaway.

Camp it Up
Spending time sipping whiskey and roasting hotdogs around a campfire is something that any man can appreciate. Make your camping trip special by planning it with your Dad; ask him where he wants to go, pick up camping supplies, and load up the car together.

Find a New Fishing Hole
Perhaps I’m just biased but out of all of the outdoor activities that Dad’s love to do, there just seems to be something extra special about fishing. Maybe it’s the fact that most of the experience is spent simply enjoying the company of the other person while you’re waiting for an epic bite. Or it could be that there’s something profoundly primitive and fulfilling about catching and eating your own food with someone that you love. Whatever the reason, taking your Dad fishing (whether he’s an avid fisherman or not) is a wonderful way to bond. Preparing your rods, getting bait, picking a spot, and sitting for several hours just shooting the breeze will no doubt make your pops feel valued. For a special treat, do some research and ask around about some of the best fishing spots in your area that you and your Dad haven’t tried before. Surprising him with a new fishing hole might just be the best Father’s Day gift ever!

Play It Safe…Even if Dad Doesn’t
When conjuring up phrases that best describe my father, “Plays it Safe” isn't one of them. “Will Punch You in the Face if You Mess with His Stuff” ranks right up there. And, since Father’s Day is his day, how about you do the protection for him? Some great, anti-theft gifts include Camsafe™ V25 Camera Backpack for your Dad’s top-of-the-line camera or for snapping memories of your roadtrip. The RFIDtec™ 300 RFID Blocking Tablet Sleeve is perfect if Dad just has to take along his laptop or iPad.

And, on a final note, remember that the best gift you can give your Dad is time. So, whatever outdoor adventure you choose to go on, just make sure it allows for plenty of one-on-one with your Pops.

Mother's Day Tip!

6 Tips for a Mother's Day out!

Growing up, our mothers were usually the first ones to introduce us to the outdoors. In celebration of Mother's Day, we remember that they gave up their preferences so that we could be introduced to nature in a way that appealed to us. Now, it's our turn to do the same.
Mother's Day is a great time for you to take your mom outside, to experience nature in a way she'll enjoy. This means no playgrounds, and no serious mountain climbing. Think about what she's interested in. To start your brainstorming, it might help to look over some of these suggestions:

Take Your Time at an Orchard
No one can say no to fresh fruits, and taking the time to enjoy the landscape of an orchard makes working for that fresh fruit worth it. Few mothers will say no to the allure of an orchard, knowing that it's also a great time to spend with family. You may have to research this one, though, since orchard's biggest season is in fall. With some planning, you should be able to find a memorable orchard or farm open in the spring where you can still enjoy fresh produce.

Take a Hike
Many mothers love the challenge that a hike can bring, just take into account how prepared your mom is for the occasion. Don't do anything too challenging just because you enjoy it. Remember, this is Mother's Day, not your day. Choose a trail that is beautiful and rewarding, not just physically challenging.

Enjoy the View
Live near a National Park? State Park? Find the most beautiful place in the area, and take your mom there. We all know mom's love admiring the beauty of nature. Wake up early, and take her to see the sunrise somewhere with a great view. Just relax and enjoy witnessing nature's beauty with your mom.
Rent a Cabin

If you want to make Mother's Day something really special, and don't think a day's enough, consider renting a cabin for the family. Even if you prefer roughing it in the tent, keep in mind that this is still Mother's Day. Choose somewhere comfortable, scenic, and relaxing. It doesn't need to have any dirt bike trails around, but a peaceful lake could be nice.

Water Adventures
Water sports like canoeing and kayaking are activities suitable for most age groups. Just choose a Class I scaled river; this is not the time to show off your skills on the rapids. Take it easy down a calm river, and enjoy the time you have to talk with your mom.

Plan for a Future Trip
Maybe Mother's Day just isn't a good time to get out and do something, but make sure your mom knows that you have something planned for later. Maybe you can plan something a little more long term, in which case, give her a travel bag now with a note on where you'd like to take her. Of course, if it were us, we'd give a Toursafe 21 - a great collapsible carry on piece.

Keep it Safe
Normally at Pacsafe, we promote travel safety, but today, we'll extend the safety message to the health of our mothers. Mothers are frail (after all, they had to deal with you for your life). Today is a day to embrace that. It's easy to assume that everyone is as fit, competitive, and prepared as you are but in reality, your mom is probably not as physically fit as you. Take your time and remember that this day is about her. She took you to the playground not because that was her favorite place, but because that's what you enjoyed when you were a child. Do the same for her. Find where she wants to go, and make sure it's enjoyable.

Anniversary Vacation Tip

5 tips on Traveling on your Anniversary:

Here’s a list of gifts that people traditionally present to their spouses on their wedding anniversaries. Gold, silver, fine china; all pricy possessions that may signify your love, but offer very little in terms of heart felt memories, fun experiences, and improvement of your married life.

Here’s what you should do instead: Pack your bags (securely of course, with Toursafe luggage) and buy two plane tickets. A travel experience shared with someone you love is infinitely more valuable than a piece of metal. You’ll have memories that will last a lifetime and unlike a diamond necklace or a ring, both of you will be able to enjoy it.

Here are some tips for losing yourself without losing your stuff,

Smart tip image

You can only live an anniversary once (ok, you can live it for as many years as you’re married, but you can only live that year’s anniversary once). Bring a camera and document your time away.

Make sure to secure your camera with one of our Camsafe bags so you can know that your priceless memories are safe, while also having room to carry necessities for the day.

You’ll be tempted to show off your trip to your friends, which leads us to our next tip.

While we do suggest documenting your experience, we don’t recommend uploading all those photos on Facebook during your trip. That can wait until you get back.

Anniversaries are supposed to make you appreciate the person you’re with. Too often, romantic relationships become white noise to a life filled with din of trivialities. Anniversaries, at their best, put a pause on the static, and allow us to reflect on perhaps the most important relationship in our lives.

So replace your cellphones and laptops with a camera. It’ll give you less to worry about and it’ll allow you to focus your attention exclusively on the person you’re travelling with.

Go Someplace New
Routine is the greatest enemy to love and passion in this world. Consider a romantic relationship as a shark; when it stops moving, it dies. Unless you’re moving forward or going deeper with a relationship, what are you doing?

Go someplace neither of you has ever been before. Maybe go someplace neither of you had even considered going before. Play the close-your-eyes-and-point-to-the-spinning-globe to choose your destination if you have to. Either you discover a place that’s totally awesome, or you go to a place that’s totally lame and you’re forced to spend all your time with your partner (which is the goal of the trip anyway.)

Regardless, it’s better than becoming a boring and lifeless couple.

Write Each Other a Poem About How Much He/She Means to You
Just joking. Never do this. (This is the 21st Century, afterall.)

Anniversaries can get corny really fast. And corniness is the enemy of authentic feeling (which is the goal of a romantic anniversary getaway).

Instead, do something adventurous. Do something couples normally would never do for their anniversary. Go BASE jumping. Or go to a city in South America that may or may not have a lot of crime. The point is not to die or get mugged, but rather to get your blood running hot.

There’s a reason why you’re traveling for your anniversary and not staying in town. Travel is supposed to be exciting!

Travel Safe
An anniversary is time to focus on your loved one, not your stuff. This isn’t the time to let stress or anxiety ruin the mood. Anniversaries are rare and even more rare is being able to enjoy them without worrying. Secure your important belongings with a daypack like the Ultimatesafe 32L and perhaps a Slingsafe 150 GII for easy access.

If you’re intent on giving a gift, try doing it as a surprise. Skip the box, fancy wrapping, and over blown packaging. Instead, hide your gift discreetly in a Wristsafe 50 and surprise your significant other while at a romantic destination (say, while viewing a waterfall, or at a monument). Even a small inexpensive trinket can lead to memories that will last a lifetime.

Smart Camera Tips

5 Ways to Prevent Camera Theft

A couple DSLR’s, a few lenses and some great shots can quickly equal vehicle prices. The difference being – vehicles are much more difficult to steal. Cameras on the other hand can be slashed, yanked, and pick pocketed in a blink of an eye. Here are five of the most common ways cameras are stolen and ways to prevent their forced change of ownership.

Opportunistic theft (car and hotel)
Perhaps the most common way anything is stolen is by opportunity; a car parked in a dark alleyway, a weak hostel door lock, or unguarded equipment in a public space. It’s a shame that thieves will break car windows, pick doors, and even snatch your items in public, but even still, your camera can be safe and sound. Use a Pacsafe® C35L Camera Bag Protector and lock your equipment to your steering wheel, a sturdy pipe in your hotel room, or to a chair. The mesh wiring will prevent your camera from being exposed to the outer world and the locks will keep the package from going anywhere without a key.

Slash-and-run (straps)
Camera straps with big yellow letters that say “NIKON D600” are hot targets for slashing. First off, they indicate that a $5 strap is holding $2000 camera and a $500 lens. Second, the yellow NIKON logo signifies that the strap is very easy to cut. Third, the stock strap screams inexperience with an expensive camera. Our advice: ditch the “steal me” sign and switch out for an inconspicuous black Pacsafe® Carrysafe™ 100. The metal wiring will deter a slash-and-go while the dark colors will keep you looking like a doe eyed tourist.

Stolen from luggage
It’s amazing how much is stolen from checked luggage each year. Recently, a TSA employee admitted to stealing $800,000 USD in electronics and other goods from luggage in transit. In an interview with him, he unveiled that theft from TSA is commonplace – some TSA employees even brag among themselves on what they've taken! The defense? Defensive luggage like the Toursafe™ series. With the ToughZip™ zippers to keep out people from poking into your luggage, and eXomesh® wiring to protect against slashes, this series is designed for one thing: giving you peace of mind when traveling.

Pick pocketed (Len’s Detachment)
Lens detachment is a very common pick pocketing method in crowded public areas. Lenses are designed to slip on and off a camera easily and efficiently and if you’re anything like us, we take great pride in the glass we use. Protect your lenses by keeping your camera inside a sling bag like the Camsafe™ V12. When not in use, simply slip into your sling bag, and when a shot opportunity arises, your camera is still at your side.

Slashed-and-run (bags)
Expensive camera bags scream “slash me” to thieves. The technique is simple – thieves know exactly where to slash to get the good stuff. Too high and all they might get is a pack of gum but just a little lower and both your DSLR’s and lenses falls out. Your defense: a slashproof bag with eXomesh® like the Camsafe™ V25. A thief's knife doesn't stand a chance to the metal wiring on the inside while the lockable zippers deter opportunistic thieves just enough to keep them on the run. This travel companion is meant for serious professional photographers who shoot in countries where theft is not a matter of if, but when.

Tips for a Romantic Getaway to China!

5 Romantic Things to do in China

There is a saying in China that goes “where’s there love, there is a way.” What better way to spend a romantic outing than in a country with such a notion toward love.

There are a number of things to keep in mind while traveling in China; the first being that this country is very large (slightly smaller than the US). In order to keep the significant other from going crazy, focus your itinerary. Here are some of the things to consider when planning your romantic getaway to the Middle Kingdom.

Hot Springs and Spa Treatment
China is home to some of the most exotic natural hot springs in the world. Places like JiuhuaSpa and Resort and Tibetan Paillong Hot Spring are completely natural and never crowded. While it might take a walk down a beaten path, these spas have world class mineral waters with natural healing properties. While you’re there, ask for the “fish therapy,” a way that hundreds of little fish can kiss your skin while exfoliating you at the same time.

The Romantic Mountain Ranges
China’s mountains attract serious mountaineers and day hikers alike. Everest, known as Qomolangma in China, shares a border with Tibet. But for those wanting to enjoy mountains and not necessarily climb, them, Mount Huangshan, Mount Wuyi, and Hubei, also known as One Incense Pillar, are some of the most beautifully shaped mountains in the world. While some of China's famous mountains are uniquely shaped structures, some, like Hubei’s One Incense Pillar, bizarrely resemble a phallic shape.

Try a Traditional Aphrodisiac
Chinese cuisine is never in a shortage for aphrodisiac-intensive foods. Deer antler, Reishi Mushrooms, and ox penis are just some of the popular night-life enhancers. Although they may seem unorthdox compared to swallowing a little diamond shaped blue pill, the natural properties of these foods are known to ignite the love lives of many.

Cruises are becoming an important part of China's romance culture as Shanghai, Tianjin, Xiamen and Sanya had dedicated cruise ports while at least seven other Chinese cities have expensive plans to built them in the future. Consider scheduling one of the many cruises on the Yangtze River. These tours can take you from the Temple of Heaven to the Hall of Clocks and Watches.

Keep your stuff Safe
The most romantic way to spend any time away is to do so with peace of mind. There’s already enough to worry about while traveling – let theft be the least of your worries. Although many places in China are considered safe zones where petty theft is very low (like Hong Kong), urban centers are havens for pickpockets. Thieves master their techniques through the use of chopsticks, bag slashing, and pick pocketing. In this case, carry around a slashproof Venturesafe 25L GII backpack to outsmart the thieves looking to ruin your romantic getaway.

5 Tips for Keeping Your Checked Luggage Secure

Most people don’t think about their checked luggage once it’s been dropped off at the flight counter. If anything, many folks are just glad to get their heavy luggage out of their hands and into the safety of the airline employees.

But what most people don’t know is that once your bag is out of your hands, it is not secured, watched, or monitored. This is why nearly 29 million bags were tampered with in 2010. At JFK Airport, 200 thefts to checked luggage happened daily! So as always, we’re going to teach you some steps on outsmarting thieves – even ones who wear the uniforms of airlines and the TSA.

Prevention: Don’t put valuables in the front pockets
Similar to breaking into an unlocked car, simply unzipping an unlocked compartment is much easier than breaking into a locked compartment. While these front pockets on luggage bags might seem like a great place to put electronics, important documents, or jewelry, the reality is, it’s also a great place for thieves to simply reach in and take whatever they please.

Wrap your luggage
Ever been standing in the luggage carousel and see bags that are wrapped in duck tape or plastic? It’s because they know that thieves will be deterred from taking the tape off. Although it might make your bag look like it’s ripped, it’s a simple deterrence tactic that many folks use.

Avoid zippers altogether
Thieves have given new meaning to the phrase, power of the pen. By simply poking your luggage zipper with a ball point pen, they can break into your luggage with no trace. Watch the video below to see how easy it is to break into a locked and zipped bag.


Get a Toursafe
There’s too much to worry about when traveling to have to bother with wrapping luggage, buying zip ties, and avoiding zippers. Our suggestion? Just get a bag that is actually meant for traveling in unsecure places…like airports. The new Toursafe has a ToughZip zippers that prevent thieves from poking into your bag, they have TSA padlocks for locked security, and they have the famous eXomesh mesh lining to prevent thieves from slashing into your bag. After all, while your stuff is important, even more valuable is having the peace of mind of knowing that your stuff is safe.

Winter Wonderland Smart Tips

Winter Wonderland Tips:

Don’t let thieves turn your season cheer into tears with a few smart, safe, shopping tips:

  1. Cross-body: Wear your bag across your body to prevent thieves from easily snatching your bag off your arm and running off into the Christmas crowd.
  2. Say no to flashing the cash: Never walk about with lots of cash in your hand, don’t stay near the ATM counting it, and make sure your change is back in your wallet and in your bag before leaving the cash register.
  3. Crowd control: Try to avoid shopping during peak hours to avoid the Christmas hordes. Pickpocket gangs like to work amongst crowds so that they can accidentally ‘bump’ into you’ and not so accidentally relieve you of your valuables.
  4. Slow it down: It’s easy when you’re in a rush to stuff cash in your wallet as you’re walking out of a store. Rather than let thieves take advantage while you’re distracted,  take a second and put everything away. Make sure you know where your bag, your wallet and your cards are and that your bag is zipped closed. We recommend using Smart Zipper Security™ to lock closed your zip pullers!
  5. Don’t gift your identity to thieves: While shopping out and about town, keep your credit and bank cards in an RFID-blocking wallet, purse or pocket. It only takes thieves a second to scan and download your personal information without you knowing.

London olympics tips

Olympic travel tips

This coming summer the Olympics will be held in the London. This international event will draw in hordes of tourists. Sources are estimating 5.5 million visitors a day!  With such an influx of people, athletes won’t be the only ones looking to strike gold. Thieves and criminals will be out preparing to prey on hapless travellers. Ranked as the 10th worst pickpocket hotspot according to Trip Advisor’s 2010 survey, get ahead of the game and outsmart thieves with a few simple, savvy summer Olympic Pacsafe tips:

  • If your hotel doesn’t have a safe (i.e youth hostels, guest houses, campsites and B&B’s) it would be wise to use one of our lock and leave portable, light weight portable safes from the travelsafe series to protect your belongings or leave it with the reception in a safety deposit box.
  • If you’ve bought a ticket to the games, you’ll have received a free London Underground travel card. You won’t be the only one making the most of this freebie, so prepare for tourist packed Underground Stations rich with pickpockets. Keep your gear close by wearing your bag across the body and keep it zipped up and locked with Pacsafe’s Smart Zipper Security™.
  • Avoid making phone calls or texting as you leave the Underground station, it will only attract unwanted attention from potential thieves. The more distracted you are, the more you appeal to would be pickpockets and scam artists.
  • Don’t take out more than you need. Keep important documents and cards in a hotel safe or in our travelsafe 100. If you do need to take out important valuables keep them close by your side with one of our Coversafe pouches. Want to get into a sporting mood? Why not stash some extra cash in one of Pacsafe’s secret pocket sweat bands.
  • Go bare. Rather than walking around with lots of bling, leave the bling and expensive watch at home in a safe. You don’t want to attract unwanted attention or risk having a watch slipped off your wrist.
  • If you take your eyes off your bag in a restaurant or café, make sure it’s locked to a table leg or chair with Pacsafe’s Turn & Lock Hook anti-theft feature
  • Don’t race out of the hotel. Always make sure the door to your room is shut and locked.

Smart tips to prevent identity theft

Smart tips to prevent identity theft

With 10 million Americans affected by identity theft every year and the new electronic RFID chips installed in your credit cards and passports, identity theft is unfortunately set to rise.  Find out how to prevent these thieves from downloading all your personal information.

  1. Protect Yourself.  Protect your data from radio frequency theft. Passports and credit cards now contain RFID chips which contain your personal information. Thieves can download this information from up to 10ft away using an easily bought RFID scanner and you’ll never even know! Make sure your travel documents and credit cards are protected by using an RFID-blocking wallet or pouch!
  2. Put it on Hold. Have Your Mail Held At Local Post Office While Travelling. While you’re away don’t let mail stack up. It’s easy for people to access your mail and find out all your personal information from bank statements.
  3. Inspect. Check  your credit reports, financial statements and bills. Especially after travelling and as a force of habit anyway, always make sure you check those bills and statements to make sure no extra charges were sneakily put on.
  4. Take what you need.  If you don’t need all 4 credit cards, don’t take them with you. The more you bring, the more you have to get stolen.
  5. Report it. If you’re cards go missing on holiday, no matter where you are, report them as soon as you can and don’t wait until you get home. The longer they have your cards, the longer they have to help themselves to your cash.

Source: http://genxfinance.com/12-tips-to-prevent-identity-theft/http://www.yourcreditadvisor.com/blog/2006/10/the_ultimate_gu.html


Smart Paradise Tips

Tropical Tips in Paradise

If you’re escaping the cold winter weather and heading off somewhere tropical, you’ll no doubt be heading to a beach or pool for some sun soaking. Unfortunately while you’re relaxing, thieves will be lurking (even at hotel pools which are often open to outside guests or visitors). So, how do you keep your gear safe, while you’re offshore? Here are a  few easy tips, that will keep your gear secure while you and your loved ones are taking that refreshing dip in the ocean:

    • Less is more:  Only take what you need, if you’re unlikely to be using a credit card at a beach café, bring some cash. If you don’t need to wear that sentimental, expensive ring leave it in a safe at the hotel or if there’s a pool locker – use it.  The less you have on you, the less there is to take or risk getting damaged by the sun or sea.
    • Lock it and leave: rather than taking it turns to watch your belongings, you can all head in and enjoy the water by placing your valuables in a slashproof portable safe like the Travesafe™ 100. Lock it to a deckchair and enjoy some fun in the sun.
    • Zip it up: Keep your bags zipped at all times, an open bag is an open call-out to thieves. Even when you’re at a beach café or market, remember to zip it up. Even better, prevent pickpockets by using bags with Smart Zipper Security™ to lock your zips closed.
    • Out of sight, out of mind: unattended bags or valuables are a beacon to would-be thieves. Even if your valuables are locked to a secure fixture or zipped up, cover it with a towel, sand or clothes. The less they see, the less they know.
    • Get creative: While the safest way to secure your gear is with a slashproof, snatch proof portable safe, you can get creative and stash cash in unsuspecting places like a Pringles crisp container, a book with a hidden compartment or even better with secret pocket sweat bands that come with a water repellent pouch.

Easter backpacking tips

Backpacking tips

-          1. Never ever EVER carry or transport a package for anyone in a foreign country. Your holiday might be extended longer than you would like

-          2. Don’t bring valuables or bring a lot of cash.

-          3. You might be staying at a lot of youth hostels – look for some youth hostel standard like the “Youth Hostel Association”

-          Last but not least – Get yourself the right eXomesh net for your next adventure

Top Smart Travel Tips

Top Smart Travel Tips

If you’re one of the many smart, independent women travelling around the globe, remember to stay safe with our top smart travel tips.

  1. Stick to the day. When booking your trip make sure to arrive during the daytime. You don’t want to be wandering streets at night looking for your hotel.
  2. Fashion sense.  Be aware of local dress codes and while you can still look attractive, don’t go over the top and attract unwanted attention.
  3. The power of a door stop. Stick it in your bag and once in your hotel room slide it under the foot of your door to prevent intruders from breaking in.
  4. Fake it. If you need to sign in to a registry book make sure to just use your initial, nickname or even a fake first name if you can.
  5. Keep documents safe. Stash cash, travel documents and essentials in a secure portable safe or if you take them out with you, ensure they’re in a slashproof bag with Smart Zipper Security™

Source: http://www.smartertravel.com/travel-advice/ten-tips-for-women-traveling-alone.html?id=1268589, http://www.ricksteves.com/plan/tips/women_solo.htm


Smart eXomesh Tips

Smart eXomesh® tips

With eXomesh® high-tensile stainless steel running through most,  if not all our products, we get asked questions on how to clean Pacsafe product, is it safe, can it go through airport security? Find out the answers to all your questions

  • Can Pacsafe bags and backpacks pass through US baggage screening machines? There has never been an issue with our bags or backpacks going through customs. Occasionally, we get asked what the wire is and once we tell them, we are told "what a great idea" by baggage screeners but there is never an issue with the stainless steel wire.
  • Is there a safety issue with the wire going through customs? Only a few metal items aren't permitted on airlines and these are sharp objects or weapons. Our stainless steel wire is not considered a lethal weapon nor is it dangerous.
  • Can I wear my Coversafe or Pouchsafe travel accessories when I go through airport security checks? Like all belts and accessories, these need to be taken off when you go through airport security checks
  • Does the wire get caught while in airport transit? Loose lengths of webbing, straps and handles are what get caught between moving conveyor belts and conveyor drums. When a Pacsafe is correctly fitted to the correct size pack/luggage, and the draw wire is wrapped in a stowed position (fed and wrapped around itself), there are no loose pieces that can get caught by the conveyors. It's important that the Pacsafe model is fitted tightly around the bag or pack it is designed for. The Pacsafe was demonstrated to baggage handling supervisors at LAX (and other airports) with no objections raised. In fact, it was noted that the Pacsafe would reduce the potential for airport transit pilfering and luggage damage.

Note: If the PacSafe is not tight on your luggage it may get caught on other baggage - To ensure that this does not happen request a plastic bag from the airline check in counter when checking your luggage.

  • How can I take care of my Pacsafe products? We recommend that all our products be spot cleaned with warm water and mild detergent, and air-dried in the shade.

Smart Spring Tips

Smart Spring Tips

While Spring Break’s all about letting your hair down, having fun and meeting new people, there are some ‘friends’ you don’t want to encounter. Follow our 5 top tips for avoiding pesky pickpockets and sneaky slashers whilst on holiday.

  1. All or nothing. Do you really need to take all 3 credit cards with you? Think about what valuables and electronics you really need. If your iphone can double as a camera, leave the camera at home.
  2. Don’t trust everyone.  You’re there to have fun. Let your hair down and meet new people. Just be cautious and remember not everyone is your friend and they’re not always who they say they are.
  3. Back Pockets = Bad. Sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised. Sticking your wallet, phone or camera in your back pocket makes gear a prime and easy target for pickpockets to slip out and into their nimble fingered hands.
  4. Lock it down. When it comes to staying out all day on the beach or even all night, make sure your cyber-lifeline is stashed away safe in the hotel or hostel. Even think about what you do with your gear when you’re off swimming!  We recommend keeping your gear locked to a secure fixture. Check out our portable safes here
  5. Hook up. Keep cash and cards hooked up and strapped to you at all times with a wallet that’s secured to your jeans or inside a handbag with a slashproof metal chain.

Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/travel-tips-articles/travel-tips-to-prevent-pickpockets-stealing-your-wallet-2693444.html


Cruise Travel Tips

Cruise Travel Tips

Cruises might be great getaways to enjoy the open seas while retaining the modern luxuries the boat has to offer. However, while you are having fun enjoying the shows, casinos or even shopping chances are that there might be thieves amongst fellow tourist. After all, a place of tourist is a gold mine for thieves. We at Pacsafe have a few helpful tips to keep your items safe while you enjoy the full experience of the cruise.

  1. If your room does not have a safe, it would be wise to use our Travelsafe, Metrosafe or Daysafe series to safely fasten your belongings to a secure fixture.
  2. If you must have your travel documents by your side, our travel organizers eases your mind as they keep your important permits safe and sound.
  3. When you are taking photos with your new digital camera you would need to protect them from unsuspecting hands with our Venturesafe™ 50 and Metrosafe™ 50

Smart Tips For Women

Smart Tips For Women

A woman’s bag is her life. By following these easy tips, she’ll be able to relax knowing her gear is extra safe and secure.

  1. Secure your handbag to the leg of a chair or table.
    Don’t leave it on the floor
  2. Keep your bag zipped up, even when you’re paying for things
  3. Wear your bag slightly towards the front rather than on the side or towards the back
  4. Use a handbag that has Smart Zipper Security™
  5. If you’re travelling in pairs, make sure your handbags are worn towards one another

To see our smart secure women’s travel bags, click here>


Smart Camera Travelling Tips

Smart Camera Travelling Tips

Photography is an integral part of travel. With an increased amount of camera gear moving across the globe daily, comes the increased opportunity for pickpockets and thieves. Gone are the days of losing your camera and being left with the film. Today smart cards and other compact storage is likely to be stolen with your camera along with your holiday memories. Keep your gear safe with Pacsafe’s smart tips:

1.       Keep a list of your equipment and where possible note down the serial numbers.

2.       Label your equipment and make your mark on it.  Thieves aren’t likely to take something which can be identified.

3.       Camera straps. Replace branded straps with a non-descript slashproof strap

4.       Keep camera equipment in low-profile bags that don’t bear camera brand icons

5.       Lock and secure. Keep your camera bag strapped to a secure fixture like the leg of a chair or even on an airplane under your seat to prevent snatch and grab thefts.




Smart Christmas Tips

Smart Christmas Tips

Prevent theft this Christmas. Don't let burglars and thieves ruin your holiday! Unfortunately during the season of giving, while you’re out shopping, enjoying holiday parties and family outings, thieves are out there waiting to take advantage of your holiday cheer.

  1. Don’t carry flash cards or money when you’re out on the street even if you’re counting your money from the ATM machine!  
  2. Prevent identity theft when you’re out and about shopping with a radio frequency blocking wallet like the RFIDsafe™50
  3. When you take a break and grab a bite to eat from Christmas shopping, make sure you keep your bag on your lap or to be even safer secure the strap of your bag around the table leg. The Toursafe and Citysafe series are perfect options.
  4. If you took the car into town to go shopping make sure you’ve parked in a well-lit area and remember to lock your door.

sources: http://www.identitytheftfixes.com/prevent_identity_theft_this_holiday_season.html

Cleaning Tips

How to take care of your Pacsafe® Citysafe™ or Toursafe™ bag

Taken your Citysafe™ or Toursafe™ on one too many adventures? Is it looking a little dirty? If so, follow our simpleHow To’ cleaning steps and tips to keep you bag looking almost as good as new!

What you need: cloth, bowl, warm water, mild detergent and your Citysafe™ or Toursafe™ bag

Step 1: Mix warm water and some mild detergent in a bowl
Step 2: Take cloth and put in bowl
Step 3: Wring and squeeze excess water out of your cloth
Step 4: Gently wipe your bag with the cloth
Step 5: Repeat steps 1-4 until satisfied it is clean

Smart Cleaning Tips
  1. NEVER put your handbag in the washing machine
  2. Don’t leave stains or dirt on your bag for long. The longer they’re on your bag, the longer they take to get out
  3. Avoid abrasive cleaning products like bleach
  4. Don’t drown your bag in water. Remember there’s a stainless steel wire running through your bag to keep thieves out!

Hotel Room Theft Tips

Hotel Room Theft

Think your gears safe in a hotel, think again. ‘Door pushers’ saunter down corridors looking for their opportunity to strike and hotel managers can say they have a hotel safe which is really a drawer, be vigilant on holiday with a few simple tricks:

  1.  Duplicate keys. Take it with you even when travelling alone. It’s easy for anyone nto walk up to a hotel counter and take it.
  2. Don’t prop open the door even for a second while you grab ice.
  3. Don't leave anything in full view.  Temptation is temptation. That includes expensive clothes like Nike trainers and not just the usual laptop or passport. Remember your laptop or iPad could be someone else’s life savings.
  4.  Always lock your backpack and fasten it to something solid or put your valuables into something that can be tied and secured to a fixture like a pipe. Check out Pacsafe’s Travelsafe™ or anti-theft backpack protector.
  5. Utilise the door stop. Lock your door and wedge it under the door before you go to bed to prevent ‘Door Pushers’ from barging in and seizing your gear or jeopardising your personal safety.

sources: http://bobarno.com/thiefhunters/2010/08/hotel-room-theft-by-door-pushers/

Smart Easter Tips

Smart Easter Travel Tips

We’ve all been there, taken a few days off to make the most of a long and much-deserved Easter Break. Unfortunately you and thousands of others have all had the same idea. With expected crowds, frustrating queues, hustle and bustle, make travelling as stress-free as possible with our top tips:

  1. Check in on-line. Avoid unnecessary queuing, save time and secure the seat you want online ahead of time.
  2. Keep travel documents together. If you’re travelling as a couple, in a group or as a family, designate one person to keep all the passports, tickets and paperwork (of course, it would be wise not give these to children). With everything in one place, you’ll avoid wasting time and panic fumbling around. For extra peace of mind, keep your documents in a secure, anti-theft travel organiser.
  3. Arrange your foreign currency in advance. Avoid another queue and make sure you get more bang for your buck with better rates outside of the airport!
  4. Hand-free. Try only taking hand luggage with you. You’ll be surprised at the freedom you’ll suddenly enjoy! What’s more you’ll be able to avoid check-in baggage charges and more queues. Make sure you always check the luggage allowance first tho!
  5. Leave the car behind. If you can, arrange to take public transport or a taxi to the airport. You’ll save time looking for a car parking space and money. If a car is necessary, then park as close as you can to the terminal and write down the parking space on your ticket.

Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/travel-tips-articles/8-easter-travel-tips-to-save-you-hassle-at-the-airport-2064965.html#ixzz1HyrLH6G9


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